Long Range RFID solutions

UHF.One Integrated – UHF Reader with Integrated antenna

  • Long Range up to 12 meters
  • Integrated All-in-One design
  • High Identification Rate up to 200 Tags
  • Suitable for Parking, Asset & Inventory management
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Mobile Attendance Solution Student

Student and his parent registered with their details like student information, Student ‘s Wireless Tag details, Parent information with their mobile number etc. Once the registration is complete, student is tracked for his movement across the premises and his presence in the classrooms can also be determined. This is achieved by installing Readers at various location in the school premises.

The Tracking data is collected at a central location in the school and optionally uploaded to central server, where data is processed and analyzed. Based on Rules and analysis various configurations can be set to inform (through SMS / Email / Web portal) parents about the kin’s presence and exceptional movements. e.g., Parents can be informed once the student arrives or leaves school premises If he is not attending classrooms etc. In addition to this , Special Wireless Readers with GPRS enabled SIM cards can also be installed in buses, to track students presence in buses.

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