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It is our pleasure to give you a detailed introduction about Tracalogic OPC Pvt. Ltd., at present Tracalogic OPC Pvt. Ltd., is the Company offering state of the art tracking equipment/services based on GPS / GSM / GPRS technology which is considered to be the most up to date technique for tracking and surveillance of vehicle all over the India. It operates by using the data provided by Geo Positioning Satellites (GPS) that are geo-stationary around the globe and helps to determine the precise location of the vehicle. In any eventuality, our tracking unit will send a distress call to our servers at our control room or to client, who will trigger the anti-theft mechanism/SOP and the vehicle engine, will be killed immediately.


We at TRACALOGIC Pvt.,Ltd,. specialise in marketing our products and services with our strong distribution network.We are looking forward to launch new products and services also for industrial segments.


We at Tracalogic Pvt Ltd., keenly monitor in customer satisfaction and we provide service beyond their expectation and also we have strategic partnerships in different segment of industries which results in the formation of smarter cities.


We at Tracalogic Pvt Ltd., consistently exceed our customers expectations by providing the most dependable service available with the highest quality standards we are able to secure our customers the best value protecting their financial interests while simultaneously enhancing the efficiency of their management and quality of their products worldwide…

Short Story About Our Company

We provide best solution for your business


Started with a group of 4 people with the idea for the safety , security & management of fleet for different segments.


After a well planned &vigorous r& d on hardwares and telematics,launched our own new indian made hardwares and softwares.


With increase in demand and awareness of vts solutions we introduced several types of reports & analytics with the best installation team full experienced and hard working skilfull field engineers in pan india


Became a private limited firm with head quarters in chennai,and 5 other branch offices in states like delhi,u.p.,orissa,karnataka and jharkhand. with the previous experience and support from all our co -workers we entered the iot industry for the betterment and development of our society.

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