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For over 10 years Trackershop have been working with thousands of businesses- of all sizes and industries – who have instantly benefited from implementing our GPS Tracking systems within their fleets of vehicles.Due to the broad range of companies out there and the unlimited uses GPS trackers have in the work place,

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we work closely with all of our customers to ensure they are using GPS trackers in the best possible way for them. No matter the industry or purpose, the result is always the same- saving money, time and improving the overall efficiency amongst their work force.


Its very likely at some point, you have already asked what place GPS Trackers have within your business.

GPS is already used by all of us in some form on a daily basis, and sometimes without even knowing about it!


GPS is a satellite_based navigation system, developed by the U.S. army. It allows anyone that is travelling with a GRS receiver to plot their position anywhere in the world 24/7!

Using multi_roaming data SIMs to transmit this position over the mobile network now means that you can link your vehicles in field directory to your office.


TRACALOGIC GPS Tracking devices have taken this a step further, and actually use additional satellite systems(such as GLONASS and GALILEO) to plot the most accurate and consistent location ever.

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How will our company benefit from gps tracking for businesses

There are so many different types of businesses out there, all operating with their own methods in place. What is currently linking them together is their shared benefit of GPS tracking for businesses and being able to see their fleets every move.

Below we will show you a bit more about the best GPS trackers for your own business, and the benefits that they bring.For any company that uses vehicles (or has staff in field) on a regular basis, the common major issue that you will all share is not knowing with certainty where your staff are once they leave the office or depot. GPS tracking is now empowering thousands of businesses, helping them to streamline, co-ordinate and reach their earning potential.

No matter what your business goals are, implementing a GPS fleet system will put you ahead of the competition, by saving you precious time and money, building stronger customer relations and meaning you are able to confidently honour the service that you promise.

What’s more is that a Fleet GPS tracking solution for your business has never been easier, cheaper and more accessible.

Tracalogic new mapping panel

TRACALOGIC ‘s new mapping panel has more features than ever to help streamline your day and make employees shifts run smoother; all whilst being extremely user-friendly with no training required. You can monitor all of your devices at once or focus in on an individual GPS tracker at any time.

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Driver Behaviour

Besides the trust issue that many companies have to deal with when sending staff in field, there is also the impracticality and time consumption of drivers having to stop mid-route and answer calls to update their location or confirm arrival/delivery at an appointment.

Being able to see live locations on your private mapping panel means that you can confidently account for your staff if there are ever any customer disputes, ensure they have not taken unnecessary detours, and appoint the closest driver to any job as it comes in… all without slowing down the work flow and journey time by trying to contact them via phone.

You will also be able to very quickly detect and/or deter unauthorised use of the vehicle. This can be anything from diverting from planned routes for personal use during work time, or using the vehicle out of hours without permission.

Traffic report and routing

The live on-map traffic report will show you traffic congestion and major delays in any area. This allows you to then consider alternative quicker routes for your drivers instantly. The routing feature means you can re-direct your drivers using the new quicker route on screen.

Prolong vehicle depreciation

Any company vehicle is a calculated investment that no business can afford to take lightly. Making sure that your vehicle is used correctly (to avoid unecessary depreciation) is both important to maximise the initial investment and imperative to ensure that the vehicle is very rarely taken off the road for repair. A vehicle that is taken out of commission for however long is costly both directly (loss of earning power for that time frame and repair costs) and indirectly (the long term depreciation of the vehicle). A GPS tracking system will identify any unacceptable driver behaviour, such as speeding and unauthorised use during or after working hours. Over the year, additional daily/weekly use

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One of the biggest fears for companies when investing in company vehicles is how vulnerable they are to theft, and the huge negative impact this brings on the business. Whether your company vehicles are returned to a depot at the end of the day or are kept at staff homes over night, there is always a risk of theft.

Through your mapping panel you can easily set Geo Fences to alert you if a vehicle enters and/or leaves specific locations. This means that you (and up to 3 contacts) can receive an instant alert to your phone if a vehicle is moved from where it is stored out of hours.

The live GPS tracking then allows your vehicle to be quickly located and returned by the police, avoiding the loss of an invaluable asset and the hours of time that has to be dedicated to contacting insurers and replacing the vehicle. The Tracalogics mapping platform allows you to manage all of your vehicles from a single, extremely user-friendly, platform. With this information and control at your finger tips you will be able to instantly run a more streamlined fleet, leading to more time saved, higher security for your vehicles, more earning ability and a more rewarding working day for you!

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