Smart City Solutions

Is your entire day based on the safety return of your beloved children to you?

Are you constantly checking with their school bus and other vehicle drivers?

gps and gprs vehicle tracking system in haryana

Do you need a reliable source and peace of mind? Give us a call. We can provide you with round-the-clock information about your children’s safety via SMS or Mobile apps to the parents. Each student is issued a unique RFID card to carry. As the student passes the RFID reader upon entering or leaving the school bus, the time, date and location is logged and transmitted to a secure database. This solution doesn’t only answer the concerns of the parents but the school officials can quickly and easily track students entering and leaving buses and be in the best position to answer parents’ questions.

Smart City Solutions

gps and gprs vehicle tracking system in haryana

GPS Tracking Solution for SWM

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Software dashboard for corporations
  • Tracking and Monitoring of Garbage Vehicles
  • Geofencing Route Optimization
  • Alerts – over speed, excess stop page time
student tracking system in chennai

Smart Bin Sensors

  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • IoT fill level Sensors
  • Send optimized route directly to drivers
  • Know the fill level garbage bins
  • Collection operations become more efficient and Smarter.
personal tracking system in assam

RFID Solution for Smart Parking Management

  • Intelligent usage of Infrastructure
  • Enforcement of Illegal Parking Activities
  • convenient cashless parking via automated up-to – the-minute billing
  • Simplified parking data collection at a reduced cost
gps tracker in india

Handheld Terminal Solution for

  • Ticketing in Govt. Transport, corporation buses and private buses
  • HHT solution is convenient for fare collections.
  • GPRS, CDMA, Wi-fi, PSTN and Ethernet Communication Modules

indias largest gps tracking company

Command Control Center with Grievance Management

  • Effective Monitoring and Controlling
  • Manager Dashboard to manage operations
  • Better Integration with automation process
  • Easy tracking and quick solution
  • Collect Feedback & Complaints from Citizens
gps and gprs vehicle tracking system in haryana

Environment Monitoring System

  • Smart Environmental Sensors
  • Sensors can monitor and generate alerts for any unexpected events
  • It provides healthy environment at public facilities
  • Communication through 3G or 4G wireless network

student tracking system in chennai

Variable Messaging Display

  • Information about changes in route numbers
  • Information about diversions or alternative routes
  • Warnings or information about a civil emergency.
  • Information about convenient routes to be followed when large volumes of traffic or any public gathering
personal tracking system in assam

Smart Traffic Management

  • Throughput Acceleration
  • Traffic Reduction.
  • Traffic Optimization
  • Service Monetization
  • Centrally controlled traffic signals
  • Electronic Toll Collection
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