Integrated Command Control Center

Take control of communications change with a platform designed to meet next generation demands

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WIRELESS CALLS, TEXTS, AND VIDEOS from citizens rapidly flood into your command center. TELEMATICS, ALARMS, AND SENSOR DATA collect critical details.FIRST RESPONDERS ARE ALERTED and video is pushed to mobile devices as they race to the scene. INFORMATION IS QUICKLY SHARED from your command center out to responders at the scene and from responding agencies, citizens, and officers into the command center. CRITICAL LOCATIONS ARE MONITORED in real-time and predictions made.

Our Mission Critical, Command & Control Center Planning Group offers these comprehensive services:

Concept Development
  • Control Room Facilities
  • Crisis Management Facilities
  • 24/7/ 365 Mission Critical Observation Facilitates
Space Planning
  • Security
  • Voice & data Systems
  • Visualization technologies
  • Acoustics
Technology Project Management
  • Team Structure
  • Client/User Interface
  • Program Development
  • Budgets
  • Schedules


Infrastructure Planning Technology Systems Design
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