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What we do?

We provide best solution for your business

Real Time Tracking

Tracalogic devices are tested, certified and approved by Government NABLs such as ARAI, ICAT, UL

Quality Leadership

We are proud that we are the winner of 2016 India connected vehicles & telematics enabling Technology leadership award from Frost & Sullivan

Pan India Support

We are happy to help you, Our Quick help executive will be available for 24/7 to help you in solving your queries.

Analytics Tracking

Tracalogic provides data and analytics to our valued customers which leads us to improve more and more effective. you can also contact us at info@tracalogic.com

Fleet Management

From first to last mile we track using the most advanced intuitive dashboard, which is visible real-time with secure and easy sharing of reports and insights.


Tracalogic Pvt., Ltd., e-lock strengthen customers loyalty due to an easy-to-use, highly available service offer that meets the ever-increasing, challenging requirements of end customers.

How does GPS Tracking Work?

  • GPS Tracker uses a process called Trilateration
  • Trilateration – determine location based on distance from three satellites.
  • It uses a network of satellites to determine the location of a device
  • It provides critical capabilities to military, civil and commercial users around the world.
  • It is maintained by US government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.

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gps and gprs vehicle tracking system in haryana

Industry Specific Solutions

We are specialized in simple solutions which fits for you!

Logistics and Trucking

student tracking system in chennai

    Support for wired and wirefree (battery based) trackers
  • Geo-fence with real-time alerts
  • Keep all stakeholders informed about real-time status of vehicles
  • Proof of delivery,customer feedback taken real-time
  • Fleet utilisation metric analysis

  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
  • Multiple mobile apps for end user, customer, manager that work in sync with the device fitted on the vehicles.
  • Configurable dashboard, landing page and reports
  • Safety analytics
  • Automatic Report Scheduling

Hazardous Cargo

  • 3-axis accelerometer data integrated with speed info to analyze driving safety analytics
  • Real-time in cabin alerts for the driver
  • Safe To Load work – flow automation
  • Journey Risk Management
  • Monitoring and alert system for continuous driving, night driving etc
  • Rich driver application with integrated enroute weather alerts
  • Nearest points of interest: ATMs, Hospitals, Cranes, Puncture shops, Police stations, Fire stations
  • Second by second accident analysis report
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gps tracker in india

  • School authorities will be alerted if driver was over speeding.
  • The live moments of bus can be viewed by parents.
  • In absence of network data has been stored in internal memory.
  • Minimize fuel costs.
  • Theft recovery
  • School bus live location will be shared to parents for pick up and drop.

Ready Mix Concrete

  • Reduce cement wastage thereby improving profitability.
  • Improves reputation as a quality cement supplier.
  • Enhanced Quality of concrete, as their quality levels maintained during transportation.
indias largest gps tracking company


gps and gprs vehicle tracking system in haryana

  • Know your equipment all time, no matter how remote the location is.
  • Improve maintenance with accurate reports on post service, mileage, engine hours and idling.
  • Usage reports indicate whether assets are being utilized efficiently.
  • You can plan better and schedule routing by knowing where your trailers are at all time.
  • Trailer tracking helps you preclude driver downtime and equipment.

Frozen Goods

  • All time temperature report while truck is on the road.
  • Alert in case door is opened at unauthorized location.
  • Alert in case of route deviation or unauthorized stop.
  • Works in offline recording in case of no GSM/GPRS.
  • Immobilizer function to lock and unlock engine from your Smartphone to prevent vehicle theft.
student tracking system in chennai

Automobile Industries

student tracking system in chennai

  • GPS + GSM + GPRS wireless network three colors LED display to indicate working status.
  • Built-in high sensitive MTK GPS chipset.
  • Check location via SMS/APP/platform.
  • Built-in watchdog function, auto-recovery from Failure.
  • Detail report on Map history, trip, distance, fuel & over speeding.
  • Reminders can be set for due dates for vehicle servicing, expiring of insurance and pollution certificates.
  • We provide voice guidance instructions for turn-by-turn navigation across urban and rural roads, streets and highways to help you reach your exact destination.
indias largest gps tracking company

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