Tracalogic solutions have provided basic track and trace functionality successfully world over. But real multi-fold return on investment can be realized when tough to crack logistics issues are solved with the help of a rich software suite that leverages the available “geo” and allied information. Tracalogic has constantly endeavoured to understand the unique problems challenges in logistics of the specific business vertical and customize/leverage appropriate solutions and constantly increasing the breadth and depth of fleet-SMART.

  • Frozen Good Carriage
  • Infrastructure
  • Long Distance Buses
  • Tourism / Transport
  • Schools
  • Factory/Industry

Milk and several other goods are today transported in vehicles with a refrigerated stored. Close monitoring of the temperature in the frozen sections is very important for the transport vendor as well as the end customer transporting the goods. Tracalogic has deployed its temperature sensor accessory coupled with the VTX for continuous real-time monitoring and alerts when temperature rises above user defined values.


Besides the usual vehicles also deployed are vehicles such as tippers, JCB earth movers, digging rigs, generators all of which need be monitored for usage, location and fuel consumption. Tracalogic has significant customer base in this segments where alerts and reports were customized and integrated to fleet-SMART suite to ensure a superior multi-fold return on investment for the customer.


An important customer friendly feature necessary in this segment is SMS alerts passenger waiting at each pickup point on estimated time of arrival and other bus details. Tracalogic has tied up with a value added reseller to provide this service to customers. Also custom dashboards are available to monitor the timeliness and other operational parameters.


Beside basic track and trace issue fuel pilferage is a major problem faced by this sector. Tracalogic’s fuel monitoring solution provides best in class fuel reports indicating the fuel filled as well as the mileage. Any many parts of the country the owners are worried of theft of the vehicle and feel the need for remote immobilization of the vehicles in emergency situations. While integrating the immobilizer we make sure from a safety is kept in mind and accordingly remote immobilizing will not affect the vehicle in motion but take effect only once the vehicle halts. Our solutions ensure a better than 3% distance accuracy and this is another important care about for the tourism and transport sector. Many of our summary reports like the monthly report which summarize the day by day activity for each vehicle in the fleet reporting distance as well as the hours of operation have evolved based on inputs for this industry.


The typical care about in school transport operations are: Safety of the child, Smooth and timely transportation and Optimizing the transport operations from cost / efficiency point of view. As a customization for this vertical 2 simple URLs are provided for each route. Parents can simply bookmark these on the phones and when required can instantly see position / route of their respective vehicles. In addition all pickup / drop points are geocoded and SMSs sent to parents if and when there is any unexpected delay of more than 10 mins. On request trip wise planned v/s actual for each pickup/drop points can be provided so that the transport manager can adjust the roster / schedule or intimate the parents where punctuality at the pickup point is a concern.


For most factories tracking JIT is critical. The demand is to geo-code all the destination points and closely track IN/OUT and waiting times at each delivery point. At some customer sites the First In First Out view in fleet-SMART based on the GPS IN time has not only help mitigate unnecessary disputes between the truck drivers, but has also help improve the waiting times and increased the transport efficiency.