Fuel Monitoring

Helps in monitoring fuel filling quantity with location, time and date. Accuracy depends upon the condition of the fuel gauge and size of the fuel tank.


This accessory is used for remotely de-activating the vehicle. The user can select a vehicle and remotely disable the vehicle or re-enable the vehicle through the application, just by the click of a button. The immobilizer is typically connected so that the de-activation will not result in the vehicle stopping abruptly, but instead will ensure the vehicle does not start again after the vehicle key is turned off.

Temperature Sensor

This accessory is typically used in frozen goods carriage vehicles. The Sensor is mounted inside the frozen section of the vehicle and the cable from the sensor is connected to the Sensel VTX unit fitted in the driver’s cabin. Every minute the temperature is recorded and updated to the backend server. The history temperature data is accessible to the user in the form of a temperature curve. Pre-programmed temperature thresholds can be set to alert the user via email/SMS if the threshold is breached.

Keypad Display Unit

This accessory is basically a small 16 key pad with a 2 line LCD. The user can type in information that can be logged on the backend server. For e.g., one of our customer Total Gaz is using it for recording the gas delivered to their customers. The user enters the gross weight and tear weight of the tanker along with a customer ID authentication. This data is automatically forwarded to their backend ERP software for invoice generation and billing.

RIFD Reader

The RFID reader which coupled with an immobilizer may be used for allowing the driver access to the vehicle. Alternatively it can be used for logging entry/exit of passengers in the vehicle. Sensel does not manufacture the RFID readers and will interface with any standard RFID reader over RS232.

Taxi meter

The Sensel VTX devices have also been interfaced with standard Taxi fare meters over RS232.

Door Open/Close

Feature that helps to monitor any unauthorised door opening which results in theft of goods.

Panic Button

Safety feature. The control room is notified about unforeseen danger in the vehicle instantly as the member (driver/passenger) in the vehicles presses the panic button.

Audio Interface: Hands free Voice Speaker

Unique feature that supports hands free two-way communication and also supports in broadcasting programmed voice messages.